02 January 2016

Once upon a time - Neil Gaiman

I always loved the Sandman and the books of magic and a friend of mine as well. So we had an adventure - see for yourself:

I had the luck to meet Neil Gaiman once.
It was more than ten years ago and a friend had bought tickets for a reading of American Gods in Göttingen. Neil Gaiman in Göttingen! 
The town not far from where I came from!
Sadly I just had started to study somewhere else. My friend visited me and picked me up. 
I had started to get sick the night before but I would go. Puking on the Autobahn, shivering and fever would not stop me.
A long queue and a place in the front row, as far as I remember. Some german actor read terribly, someone introducing Mr. Gaiman seemed to think he drew all the comics.
Nevertheless there I was and happy at that.
Even better we could queue again afterwards to a signing hour!
We had nothing to sign and no camera. I have no idea why I had no idea and blame it on the sickness.
Neil Gaiman was as nice as imagined and we had some sketch paper at least that he would sign for us! And thanks for the drawn Sandman. 
I even had planned to give him a cheesy Delirium pic I had drawn :D Nevermind.
We got home afterwards and it was a horrible sickness night. Thanks to my friend and that we went anyway. I will probably not have the chance again.

The pub the signing was I remember as dark there weren`t many people there. The German actor who had read was there with a woman and being disagreeable for me. Neil Gaiman I can hardly remember, I remember a thought far away that I thought he would look handsomer :D But indeed when I see photos now he does!

01 January 2016


It was a hard year.
Artistically, creatively, concerning health and death itself.
I think there were many happy moments but wrapped up I achieved nothing that I wanted to.
All my ideas died slow deaths.
2016 I shall expect less and don`t end the year so disappointed, so stressed out but I feel afraid of the days to come.
I wish I could promise you great things to come here but I fear the lack of strength and time and weariness will succeed.

21 September 2014

Some fancy news

A kind of update of the newest and most interesting...

I am taking part in an online course after thinking about it for a long time.
Amy had some credibility (I introduced her blog in this post.)

So I am officially in! Work Art Play "

An online class for aspiring artists and illustrators: How to create the work you love and find opportunities wherever you go"

Why not do something with the money I earn from my full time job?

The next thing I participate in is "Rent a shelf" in my hometown! Always wanted to do such a thing. I have some really nice nature postcards to sell and future stickers and maybe some art or sculptures.
I don`t know and forgot to take pictures of the postcards :(

Please wish me some luck with it!

Now for some photo fun!

Moo stickerbooks

The green one with mostly mushrooms

The blue one with beloved random stuff, really colorful, my photography.
These stickers are small, maybe 2cm and 90 in each book.

Then there are these wonderful sketchbooks with different paper from Stillman & Birn.
I recommend all of them though you have to find out your favourite yourself.

05 July 2014

Some news

Because I got complaints I am not updating.
I have after all these years better internet connection and a phone!
This should even make blogging more easy!

I had and have great plans for 2014!

1. Having more and better technical equipment and I have a scanner now!

You can see perfectly well scanned new pictures here: Deviantart Gallery

2. Fill a 600 pages sketchbook (and I already finished it these days! So proud)

There is the book. A very fine book bought here Retrofonts Blindband

My grannie sleeping. When I was still drawing with pencil.

The last pic in this book. I had changed and used RAINBOW PENCILS!
That are available again, seven colors in one!
Most of the sketches in this particular book are made with lots of great resources.
You want to get better: Off to Pixelovely!

3. Concentrate more on artwork, sculptures, writing, all the creativity stuff! Show more of the creativity stuff. Take part in Sketchfest (My gallery). From today taking part in Illustration Friday.
I use Instagram nowadays and I am experimenting with colors a lot to inspire the people I work with.
In the end I wish to have picture books published (many ideas, am working at pics: Example)
And there is supposed to be an exhibition next year - maybe we get that going!

To see more pics of what I talk about here and the cat you should open this post!

12 January 2014

The Power of books

and other stuff you can read like blogs!

I just wanted to recommend a blog with always and again interesting articles about art,
illustration and the like:

Pikaland by a woman who has got good ideas about life, illustration, artists...
Even if most of the illustrations are not quite my taste her writing is very much.
She is definitely motivating for a sloth like me.

I think it was on her blog where I found the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield,
a great kick in the ass if you are a great procrastinator.
I read it some time ago and am doing so much more than I did before. My plans for 2014 are rather
grandiose considering the full time job I have.

That`s all for now. I want to draw a bit this Sunday afternoon.